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Twenty years is Just an instant in the long time river,but for Yinxing people,it's a developing and growing progress.Looking back,all sorts of feeling well up to our mind: from a small factory of only more than 10 workers to now an modernized company which has over 100 million of annual production value.From a narrow work- shop,simple facility to wide new factory and rows of automatic lines, these're all by our Yinxing people hands.Now we are becoming the expert performer of the world malting equipments,product covering 4 categories,200 product items with 40 potential teohnic.
For twenty years,Yinxing always take the market demand as the guide,take the tech as the support.After several years hard deve1opment, products are sold to Europe, Asia,Australia with good reputation.At the same time,we' re adding the research investment to update our malting tech on the world level.Some malting device is in advance to world level. And we're growing up a group for malting project consultation,tech designing,installation,debugging for malt plant.The pass is splendid,future maybe the hardship.Face to challenge today,Yinxing people will try their best to be the first one,continually develop under the market guide,by scientific innovate and scientific managing.
The next stage,we 're making Yinxing to be the famed brand and let our more products to service more customers in the world to reach on the international managing level.Every step of Yinxing is tightly jointed with every friend's care and support.We honestly thank for all of our friends and invite you to witness glorious future of Yinxing together.
Thank  you!