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Service Regulations

Service Regulations

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service details
1.pre-sale service
Free consulting service for users.
provide drawings of the equipment.
2.on-purchase service
Prepare the ordered production on time and guarantee the quality,provide the operation,installation and maintenance instruction.
Help the shipment to destination of ordered product.
Provide the spot acceptance specification and acceptance report after installation.
Be responsible for the installation,debugging and spot equipment production by paid.Or supply some drawing and select engineering and technical personnel for on-site guidance.
Help to train operators for the malt factory.
3.after-sales service
365 days after-sales service available for the faults during use.
Carry out user tracking service, establish archives and visit customer, to understand the equipment running status, ensure normal operation.
Spare parts supply available lifelong,can send to the scene under special circumstances.
Any other problems during the using can be solved by our after-sales service personnel,we’ll try our best to do.
4.guarantee time
Under normal use,12 months for the equipment except the electrical,and supply maintain lifelong.
5.service call
0086-535-2212923 (sales department)
0086-535-2212925 (after-sales service center)
0086-535-2273605 (skill center)
6.service supervisory tel
0086-535-2212925 general manager
0086-13863803808 24-hour service tel
Equipment warranty content
Normal equipment failure
Bearing,electrical machine,reduction box,wheel gear,sprocket change and maintain for free under normal.