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1.Tower Type malting systems

Yinxing Group is the top manufacturer of tower malting systems manufacturing. We are the leader of China's tower malt manufacturing production line. Tower malting manufacturing is the top technology of malting manufacturing process in the world today. According to market demand, our company has invested heavily and a lot of manpower and material resources. Since 1999, it has been committed to the research of tower malt manufacturing processes and equipment. The advantages and disadvantages of the malting manufacturing equipment process have made many changes to the tower malt manufacturing equipment process. Now our tower malting manufacturing process is in full swing in terms of process, equipment design, and production, and the price is controlled by us at a lower level. We have established a malt production line with an annual output of 80,000 tons in Jiangsu Nongken Malt Co., Ltd., a 180,000 tons of malt in Dalian Xingze Malt Company, and a 100,000 tons of malt in Shandong Haiyue Malt Co., Ltd. Production line, built 100,000 tons of malt production line in Hubei Jinwei Malt Co., Ltd. 150,000 tons of malt production line in Taizhou, Jiangsu, and 80,000 tons of malt production line in Xiangyong Malt Company of Gansu Province, and all invested And use.



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