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Double channel flue gas reverse drying system

1.The system is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving drying equipment, widely used in wheat and food processing industries, is the ideal malt, food drying equipment at present,as the pioneered one domestic, protected by the national patent.
2.Coal, slag discharge, temperature control, man-machine dialogue, troubleshooting tips, ruled out,all achieve computer automation and control.
3. Simple operation, easy maintenance, less investment, low energy consumption.Structure consists of heating furnace, thermal storage room, heat changer, wind system and level3 desulfurization dust exhaust system and so on.
4.Have more than 20 kinds of heating furnace, such as a furnace can fully adapt to the needs of different manufacturers and different production capacity.
5.Heat exchanger is mainly composed of flue gas collection tee, exchange pipe, access door, damper, dust collector and other parts.Flue gas collection tee adopts double layer stainless steel lining insulation material,has long service life.Exchange pipe adopts the seamless steel pipe, machinery winding type spiral fin with high heat exchange efficiency.
6.Desulfurization dusting system makes furnace emissions exhaust meet various indicators of the national requirements.
7.According to the user's practical need such as site, workshop to carry on the design, manufacture, installation of one-stop service.
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