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Malt roaster

malt roasting systems can make specialty malt.
Special malt roasting systems by Yinxing is the top of line in China,because,In China, 99% of special malt roasting systems are produced by YinXing.
The systems with full automatic can roasting all the special malt that meets the requirement of the user.The black beer and fragrant beer produced with this equipment has an outstanding quality,it has good taste and color,which can not be achieved with other material.The introduction of this product resolves the problem that the quality can not be satisfied by general methods.It provides the guarantee for the new product development,market share and meeting the market demands.And equipped with cooler machine to get better cooling result.
The product has been awarded with national patent,with patent no:
ZL97 233616.8
★ adopt natural gas burner and diesel burner or electric heating, stepless regulation, high stability, long service life, and ensure the stability of heating system.
★ the reducer with adjustable frequency conversion, high stability and long service life, continuous industrial grade, large torque and braking is adopted to ensure that the equipment can operate continuously and stably for a long time.
★ adopt various proportional regulating valves with adjustable opening, high stability, long service life, industrial protection grade and high accuracy and controllability to ensure the accurate implementation of equipment process.
★ adopt high-precision temperature detector to directly measure the temperature in special malt drum to ensure the accuracy of temperature.
★ equipped with a complete set of Siemens control system, providing manual, automatic, two operation modes and free switching, centralized remote control, real-time large screen monitoring equipment operation status.
★ the external multi-layer super heat preservation material is used for heat preservation. The internal temperature can withstand 500 ℃ high temperature, and the external temperature is normal temperature. The internal stainless steel is made of 310S special food grade stainless steel.
★ the original direct auxiliary indirect heating can make the material completely pollution-free.
★ it can process different kinds of malt and coffee with good universality.
★ the exhaust channel of the heater is set to quickly exhaust the gas discharged in the heating process, and the environmental protection equipment is equipped to ensure no pollution.
★ display the real-time temperature curve, realize the dynamic monitoring of the heating process, and provide the real-time printing function.
★ safe and reliable drum vacuum design, multiple protection, more reassurance.

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